© by Alice Malherbe

Gareth «Winnie»


Started and progressed back at the end of the 70’s thanks to a very good friend sadly long departed but at the end of the day, What the F* ; it’s only Rock ’n’ Roll —

Electric Guitars: Godin Jeff Cooke Limited 1995; Godin Core 90; Telecaster Squire;
Accoustic Guitars: Yamaha Accoustic 12-string; 2 x 6-string
Amp Set-up: 1 x Marshall TSL60 combo; 1 x Blackstar 20 Amp & Marshall 1922 speaker; 1 x Boss GX-700 guitar effects processor ; 1 x Roland FC-200 MIDI foot controller

Status Quo ; Rolling Stones ; Uriah Heep ; Deep Purple ; Whitesnake; Johnny Hallyday ; Jean-Jacques Goldmann

Status Quo: Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt ; Rolling Stones: Mike Taylor (Guitarist zwischen 1968 & 1975) ; Uriah Heep: Mick Box (Guitarist) & Trevor Bolder (Bass) ; Deep Purple: Ritchie Blackmore (Guitar) & Roger Glover (Bass) ; Johnny Hallyday: Französisch Rock Star (Sanger & Guitarist) ; Jean-Jacques Goldmann & Michael Jones (Guitarist)

Status Quo: Hello ; Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers ; Uriah Heep: Live 1973 ; Deep Purple: Made in Japan ; Whitesnake: Purple Album «live»; Johnny Hallyday: Live au Palais des Sports 1976 ; Jean-Jacques Goldmann: Non Homologué